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Art of Yoga

Logo Design

Art of Yoga is a New York-based yoga studio and community focusing on strength-building, restoration and inclusivity. I designed a new logo for Art of Yoga to reflect its core values and philosophy.

The logo

Art of Yoga logo
Art of Yoga logo symbol

In our initial consultation, Corinne Teklitz, certified yoga instructor and founder of Art of Yoga, said, "One of the first things we lose as we age is our ability to raise our arms above our head." The philosophy behind Art of Yoga focuses on going back to basics, building strength, and belonging to a safe space. Corinne's classes become more and more personalized over time to focus on individual growth.

I was inspired by the poses Corinne talked about – Urdva Hastasana (arms-over-head pose) and Tadasana (mountain pose) – which combined create the 'A' and 'Y' in the logo.

The logo aligns to a triangular grid which, to me, signified the stability and balance that is core to the Art of Yoga philosophy.

Art of Yoga logo on a grid

Corinne wanted a wordmark that could stand independently from the logo and incorporate the same design elements, so I separated the shapes a little further but kept continuity through a single connected stroke.

Logo development

Apparel mockups

Art of Yoga toteArt of Yoga swag

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