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Bar Rover is an educational spirits tasting experience that explores the history, production, and refinement of liquor. Each "Rover" is a bartender-for-hire that brings their own unique liquor specialty to bear: from whisk(e)y to gin to sake and everything in between.

For both collectors and curious drinkers who want to learn more about the spirits they consume, and find new favorites to enjoy, Bar Rover’s certified spirits experts offer unparalelled insight and expertise with every pour. Better still – they come to you!

I designed a new brand and visual identity for Bar Rover to reposition the business in the market, reach new audiences, elevate the client experience, and lay the groundwork for scaling

Creative Team

Designer: Sara Soltis

Objectives & Challenges

  • Design a brand that looks educational and knowledgeable, but not boring
  • Achieve a premium look & feel, but also come across as fun and accessible
  • Appeal to both experts and curious drinkers alike


  • Logo
  • Visual Identity
  • Menu & Tasting Card Design

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