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Taylor Jayne Hayes

Branding, Web Design

Taylor Jayne Hayes is a fashion designer based in New York. Together, we developed a new logo, website, and brand identity to match the simplicity and elegance of her designs.

Logo redesign



Taylor's philosophy is all about minimal, elegant, and timeless. When designing her logo, I was instantly drawn to the Lust Didone typeface. Inspired by Bodoni and Didot, long-time favorites of the fashion industry, its dramatic contrast is the source of its cosmopolitain elegance while its hairline serifs make it modern and youthful. I chose Snell Roundhand for the New York byline which pairs nicely with Lust Didone.


The color palette is inspired by Taylor's designs – namely the soft, muted florals of her Urban Grace collection.


Copper Penny
RGB (173, 101, 95)

Black Coral
RGB (88, 93, 116)


White Smoke
RGB (248, 246, 245)

Silver Pink
RGB (209, 176, 173)

Oxford Blue
RGB (8, 41, 66)


When asked which medium she preferred, digital or print, Taylor immediately replied "print." I see this gravitation in Taylor's other creative endeavors. From handwritten notes to keepsake polaroids to collages on walls, her work and style is best displayed on paper. So when it came to Taylor's website, I wanted people to feel as though they're flipping through the pages of a physical portfolio. I approached this design process the way I would for print design: grid layouts, overlapping elements, and a paper-like feel. All while adhering to Taylor's minimal, elegant, and timeless philosophy.

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