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Logo Design

A brand that doesn't alude to one medium, style, or service. But a brand that encompasses my entire creative identity. I admire people who do it, but my I was determined to design something that would stand the test of time and fit my creative identity for years to come, so I spent a lot of time analyzing my creative aesthetic, searching for inspiration, and coming up with hundreds of ideas.

Initial research

I encountered a heavy, geometric, and uniquely elegant display typeface called Agent which greatly matched my creative aesthetic. My initials in Agent, as you can see below, are too blocky for my style. I'm also not a huge fan of the "S" which looks like a flipped percentage symbol to me. So, I set out to modify the letterforms.

Trial and error

After cutting and rearranging the shapes on paper, a curvier, more elegant logo started to emerge. I sketched out my favorite combinations then went back to the computer to render them in illustrator.

The final result

I'm incredibly happy with the logo, as it seems to perfectly evoke my artistic style across all of the mediums and disciplines I cover while remaining simple and timeless.

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