A dramatic pause...

New York by Night


City nightlife is littered with intimate moments amidst the chaos. Throughout the multitude of bars, parties, and taxi congested streets, there are lovers, friends, and even strangers exchanging them. These instances may also be solitary: an individual temporarily withdraws from the crowd or a bartender relishes an idle moment on a busy night. Due to their usual brevity, these instances may be all but indistinct to onlookers. Sometimes, it takes a camera to catch them.

Inspired by Brassaï’s suggestive photographs of Parisian nightlife and Nan Goldin’s arresting and impassioned photographs of the 1980’s New York City club scene, I sought to capture these ephemeral moments in my own nightlife experiences. Some of them are joyful or loving – others are eerie and tense. Every image carries a voyeuristic feeling – the camera is witnessing something that wasn't intended to be seen.

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