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Haven Life 2020 Annual Report

Graphic Design

Every year Haven Life puts together an Annual Report to celebrate our customers and everything they’ve accomplished over the past 12 months.

But 2020 was different.

So for this year’s Annual Report we … didn’t really create an Annual Report at all. Instead, we made a cookbook. And filled it with recipes from our policyholders.

The survey

Before we kicked off this project, we knew that our policyholders would have experienced an extraordinary amount of hardship and loss in 2020. So unlike the 2019 annual report, we couldn't bring ourselves to define the year for everyone without hearing their stories first.

We sent out a survey asking people to tell us about their 2020 experiences: what they went through, how they changed, if they adopted pets (I certainly did!), and more. We combed through the responses to see if a theme organically emerged from the answers, and there was one question in particular that almost every single person seemed to get excited about:

"What was the best thing that you made in your kitchen this year (yes, it can be a cocktail)? Please describe every delicious detail"

We collected 256 responses to this question ranging from 3-ingredient sweets that parents made with their kids to complex dinners from old family cookbooks. Someone started a food business, another literally built their kitchen, and absolutely everyone started making bread. It was clear that food really brought people together at a time when they never felt more separated.

For the 2020 annual report, we decided to create our own Haven Life family cookbook and provide recipes alongside stories from the policyholders who submitted them.

The Report

See the full report

The Aprons

Because no Haven Life Annual Report would be complete without a little gift, we designed personalized aprons to send to the people who's recipes made it into the report (plus a few others who's recipes we didn't have space for, but loved just as much).

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