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Haven Life 2019
Annual Report

Graphic Design, Illustration, Packaging

The Haven Life Annual Report is our chance to hear from Haven Life policyholders about all they’ve achieved in the past 12 months. From building park swings, to learning how to play the banjolele, to fighting (and beating!) cancer, these and many more achievements made 2019 an incredible year for our policyholders.

Working with the theme "Moments of Magic," my team designed an annual report to showcase these responses. As an added surprise, we designed a custom Haven Life deck of cards which we sent to all of our policyholders and employees along with instructions for a simple magic trick.

The Report

Rather than create a stodgy report filled with company numbers from the past year, the Haven Life Annual Report is a delightful, quirky, inspiring round-up of the accomplishments from our diverse community. In the survey we sent out to our policyholders, we asked what they did, what they learned, how they grew, where they travelled, and how they felt lucky in 2019.

Below is a sample of their responses:

Fred EerdekensFred EerdekensSee the full report

The playing cards

Fred EerdekensFred Eerdekens

One of the most rewarding print projects in my career, the playing cards are where the idea for "Moments of Magic" all started. My team got together to brainstorm ideas for a small gift we could send to all of our customers – something useful that people would want to hold onto for years to come (and not toss immediately into the trash). When someone threw out the idea of playing cards, we thought, "of course! who actually throws out a deck of cards?"

The cards were also one of the most technically challenging print processes I had ever undertaken. The artwork files came with bleed, cut, and safety lines but no guides for the pips and indexes (new terminology for me). I designed all 54 cards from scratch in a style that aligned with the Haven Life brand – using another deck of cards as a layout reference. In addition to the card design, the file preparation and handoff documentation took days to get right. In total, the design of the cards took over two months start to finish.

Face card collages








The magic trick

To go the extra mile and create a fun, memorable activity for our policyholders and their families, we included instructions for a simple card trick when we mailed out the playing cards. Haven Life has a tight knit community, and true to our style, this card trick came from one of our very own employees on the underwriting team.


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