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Camp Adulthood and the Resident Youth

Logo Design

Camp Adulthood and the Resident Youth is a podcast about the ups and downs of living in the millennial generation. The hosts, Shea Keats and Maddie Jerge, invite esteemed guests every week to share their latest millennial moments, debate hot button topics, and tell entertaining stories about everything from hilarious anecdotes to their careers and ambitions.

I had the pleasure of being invited onto the podcast as a guest to examine the podcast's existing cover art and to suggest a very important redesign (timestamp 23:15 - 38:50).

Early concepts

As I discussed on the podcast, I liked the idea of keeping the tent and simply moving away from the cultural ambiguity. I also wanted to incorporate a few of the podcasts segments including the campfire topics and the archery range.

Evolution of the design

The chalkboard aesthetic, while fitting with the theme, is slightly too youthful for the personality of the podcast. The tent concept with the microphone illustration was a huge win though, and Shea and Maddie were intent on running with the idea.

Having both the campfire and the tent made the cover art too complex and distracting, but the mixed typefaces were exactly what Shea and Maddie wanted.

Moving closer to a final product, I cleaned up the design a bit and resized elements. One more challenge was making sure that, at a microsecond glance, the "camp adulthood" part of the title would resonate. Especially when the cover art is displayed at a very small size on mobile screens.

The final product

Reworking the tent illustration in a more painterly style, creating better text hierarchy, and simplifying the overall design, the new logo better evokes the podcast's personality by incorporating just the right amount of playfulness while still looking professional and established.


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