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In-house Graphic Design, Video & Animation

As the in-house visual designer and creative lead at 3Forge, I worked both independently and with different teams to develop, test, and implement creative solutions for marketing outputs – leading every stage of the design process from concept through execution.

Branding & visual design

As creative lead, I helped shaped the 3Forge brand identity and established a consistent design system across all print and digital media. I developed a comprehensive style guide for color, typography, iconography, and grids.

Logo redesign

I wanted to design a logo that would better represent the next generation of trading technology and embody 3Forge's core value propositions: versatility, scalability, accuracy, and simplicity.

I designed a logo with a 3x3 tile arrangement forming the 3Forge "F." To maintain continuity from the old logo, I incorporated the original colors into the tiles. The wordmark is a modified version of Aktiv Grotesk; I squared off the angled finials and terminals for a more straightforward tone while also opening up the apertures and counters to make the wordmark more readable in small print.

UI Design

Although 3Forge's software is one of the most powerful data analytics platforms in the industry, the original user interface was outdated with a difficult learning curve. I collaborated with the software engineering team to redesign the product's UI to enhance user experience and workflows.

Redesign comparison

Dialog design

One of our goals was to make AMI less daunting for new users while also helping existing users accomplish their goals more efficiently. To strike that balance, we needed to make dialog screens visually simple while including all of the necessary functionality a seasoned user would need.


One of the most crucial dialog screens in the AMI interface is the data modeler: a tool that visually maps the various databases, real-time streams, and data models throughout an organization. I designed a new look for the data modeler that better distinguishes all of the different data sources at a glance.


To avoid overcrowding dialog screens and visually communicate complex actions, we develop a comprehensive icon library. Between menus and dialogues, I designed over a hundred icons in total.

Data visualization

My final task in the UI redesign process was to create simple style guides that clients could use to quickly make their custom dashboards beautiful and readable. I built a number of dashboards to demonstrate these style rules in use - learning data visualization techniques along the way.

Results of the UI redesign

Following our software redesign, clients reported an increase in operational efficiency - with some of them exceeding profit estimates as a direct result. New users require less time to learn the software interface and submit fewer support questions to the 3Forge help desk.

Web Design & Development

My biggest ongoing project at 3Forge was designing, copywriting, developing, and testing the company website. Since the initial launch in the fall of 2016, I updated the website yearly to include new products and solutions, improve user experience, and address changing accessibility standards.

Home page evolution

Print design

I designed all of 3Forge's print material using grid layouts I established in the brand guidelines. Print materials are often the first touchpoint for potential leads, so I design them as extensions of the website.

This example uses an 8-column layout with gutters and margins (hover or tap to reveal grid overlay).

Video & Animation

I've created dozens of marketing videos, screen recordings, and tutorial videos during my time at 3Forge. Below are the most notable followed by information about my role in each project.

3Forge logo animation

Creative direction, animation.

AMI in Action

Creative direction, videography, video editing.

Leave the Data Where It Is

Creative direction, animation, scripting

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